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NEW YORK — An attempted murder suspect was let go after a Bronx court clerk mistakenly marked him for release without bail, court officials said Thursday.

The mistaken release of Nikim Meekins, 22, came just days after a murder suspect was accidentally freed from the Rikers Island jail complex.

Once the judge realized what happened with Meekins, a warrant was issued for him. Meekins was supposed to be held on $300,000 bond in the attempted murder case. Charges against him in a separate case caused the mix up.

“Based on the documentation provided by the courts, the release from custody was proper and in accordance with our policy,” New York City Department of Correction Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Peter Thorne said.

The mix up will be addressed from “a personnel and training perspective,” court spokesperson Lucian Chalfen said.

“While this was a serious mistake, and will be dealt with, New York Criminal Court, over the last year, has conducted tens of thousands of arraignments and felony waver proceedings, with judges, clerks and court officers keeping the system functioning under very trying circumstances,” Chalfen said.

Police have charged Meekins with incidents in both August and November of 2020.