THE BRONX (PIX11) – A cop car struck six pedestrians, including a 5-year-old child, when it jumped a sidewalk after colliding with another vehicle in the Bronx Thursday afternoon, police said.

Two officers in the NYPD vehicle and two people in the civilian vehicle, including a 2-year-old child, were also hurt, NYPD Chief of Patrol Jeffery Maddrey said. All 10 people injured were expected to survive, though two people suffered critical injuries. 

The injured police had been responding to reports of a vehicle being stolen around 3 p.m., Maddrey said. As they rushed to the scene, lights and sirens on, the officer behind the wheel crossed the double yellow line to pass another vehicle near Hoe and Westchester avenues. But the driver of that car was making a left turn, so the NYPD vehicle collided with it.

The NYPD car careened to the sidewalk, hitting a number of pedestrians. The oldest victim of the incident is 65.

Additional officers came to the scene to help the victims. While that happened, the person trying to steal the vehicle — who police had initially been trying to get to — got away.

“We didn’t even catch the person we were trying to get,” Maddrey said. “Once the accident occurred, our officers had to get into life-saving mode and make sure that all our civilians are OK.”