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23 alleged Bronx gang members were indicted following a sweeping bust in Co-op City and Castle Hill. (Bronx District Attorney’s Office)

THE BRONX – The 23 suspected members of two Bloods-affiliated gangs were indicted on a slew of charges, Bronx County District Attorney Robert Johnson announced Thursday.

All of the alleged gangsters are part of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation and the Black Stone Gorilla Gangstas, according to police.

They terrorized the residents of Castle Hill and Co-op City, planning murders and selling drugs and weapons, as well as regularly traveling to Maryland as part of criminal operations, cops say.

“Today we dismantled a criminal organization responsible for flooding Bronx streets with large amounts of cocaine,” said Raymond R. Parmer Jr., special agent in charge Homeland Security Investigations New York. “New York City residents deserve communities free of dangerous drugs and the violence that comes with them, and HSI will continue working with our law enforcement partners to bring  these offenders to justice.”

Cops brought down the alleged gangsters, whose wild nicknames ranging from Brandon “Untouchable Dot” Nieves to Michael “Butt Naked” Hamilton, using telephone wiretaps.

Police also arrested the alleged leaders of both crews, 39-year-old Rahsaan “Low Rider” Samuels of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation, and 27-year-old Cory “Angry” Hickson, of the Black Stone Gorilla Gangstas.

The 23 alleged leaders and gang members were indicted on 217 counts, including enterprise corruption, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and narcotics sales, among others.

See the full list of arrests from the Bronx County DA below:

Those alleged BSGG and UGSN leaders/members under indictment for Enterprise Corruption are:

RAHSAAN “Low Rider” SAMUELS, age 39, alleged to be the leader of UGSN

CORY “Angry” HICKSON, age 27, alleged to be the leader of the BSGG

LEON “L Murda” LEWIS, age 30, alleged to lead GSG



JHON “Tito” BERNABEL, age 21

DANIEL “D-Rock” DIAZ, age 24

KWESI “Beast”/”Rozay” FERGUSON, age 28

JOSHUA “Pookie” GARCIA, age 24

TYRELL “Rell” GRIFFIN, age 35

JUSTIN “Ram Rock” GUZMAN, age 25

BRANDON “Untouchable Dot” NIEVES, age 29

ANGEL “Ace” PAGAN, age 26

JEFFREY “Stacks”/”J.J.” PEREZ, age 25

Additionally, a number of BSGG and UGSN associates were indicted for a variety of related offenses, from conspiracy to commit murder to narcotics sales, committed over the course of the investigation. Those indicted for these related offenses are:

ASANTE “P.I.” BLAKE, age 33              

CALYN DIAZ, age 18

MICHAEL “Butt Naked” HAMILTON, age 23


DARIO “Dee O” MIRANDA, age 18

KELVIN “Kapo” MOSQUEA, age 24

JEFFREY “Stacks”/”J.J.” PEREZ, age 25

AMAURY “Gotti” URENA, age 25

ANNETTE “Netty” ZABALA, age 26