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CLAREMONT, the Bronx— The following report includes graphic details that may be difficult for some readers.

Two baby boys found dead behind a Bronx apartment building on Monday afternoon were newborns who were “just hours old,” a law enforcement source said.

New details emerged Friday afternoon about the discovery at the College Avenue building, as investigators continued searching for the mother who gave birth to the infants, who “appeared close to full term.”

“The umbilical cords were still attached,” a law enforcement source told PIX11 News.

Investigators are waiting for the medical examiner to determine if the babies were born alive.

“There are some injuries on the head,” the source said.

“One was wrapped in a blue pad. The other was inside a black garbage bag. We’re assuming they were twins,” the source said. “They were twenty feet apart.”

One baby was found in a side alleyway behind the building and the other was to the back.

There are no apartments in this area of the building where the children could have been dropped from.

“They were born someplace else and dumped there,” the source told PIX11.

“The super made the discovery and he went running to his helper. They both called 911,” according to the source.

The case continues to baffle investigators, who have been through the entire building, looking for women who were recently pregnant.

“There was a female who was pregnant, but she gave birth three months ago,” PIX11 learned.