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THE BRONX, N.Y. — An 11th suspect wanted in connection with the killing of 15-year-old Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz outside a Bronx bodega has turned himself in to police on Friday.

Danilo Payamps Pacheco, 21, of the Bronx, surrendered to officers at the 48th Precinct, accompanied by his lawyer. He faces charges of murder, manslaughter, gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon, police said.

Pacheco allegedly was part of the foot chase that pursued a terrified Guzman-Feliz for blocks, after a convoy of four vehicles carrying alleged Trinitarios gang members went looking for rivals the night of June 20.

A source told PIX11 that Guzman-Feliz became scared when he saw the posse in the cars and started running. That’s when they gave chase.

The teen literally ran out of his sandals as he raced down Third Avenue and then turned down East 183rd Street, dodging into the bodega located at Bathgate Avenue and East 183rd Street. The bodega is very close to his home.

Disturbing surveillance footage from inside the bodega revealed Guzman-Feliz desperately jumped over the counter, seeking a haven from his pursuers.

A group of men stormed into the store and pulled the teen out from behind the counter, after punching him repeatedly, before dragging him out to the sidewalk, where he was stabbed with knives and a machete.

The teen received a lethal stab wound to his neck, stumbled back into the bodega and slumped over the counter. He was told to go to nearby St. Barnabas Hospital for help and took off running. He collapsed on the sidewalk and bled to death outside the hospital.

The latest suspect to come under arrest, who was the subject of a surveillance image released by detectives earlier this week, didn’t enter the bodega where Guzman-Feliz was attacked but he was seen near the rear passenger side of the white Acura parked at the scene, pacing from one side to the other, until other suspects run toward the sidewalk outside the bodega when the 15-year-old was was pulled outside.

The man pictured here is wanted in connection to the murder of Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz. (NYPD)

The suspect is seen jumping into the white Acura after Guzman-Feliz was stabbed with knives and a machete, as other men jumped into the vehicles involved in the crime.

Investigators have recovered two vehicles involved in the killing: a white Acura and a black Dodge that belongs to murder suspect Kevin Alvarez.

Pacheco’s arrest is the 11th in the case.

A law enforcement source told PIX11 News that investigators are looking for one more man in connection with the killing that sparked widespread community outrage, calls of “Justice for Junior” and demands to end gang violence. That last individual was seen in a grey Honda, though investigators have not released more information about the vehicle.

In addition to Pacheco, these individuals — all accused members of the Trinitarios gang — are in custody in connection with Guzman-Feliz’s murder:

  • Danel Fernandez, 21;
  • Jose Muniz, 21;
  • Manuel Rivera, 18;
  • Santiago Rodriguez, 24;
  • Kevin Alvarez, 19;
  • Elvin Garcia, 23;
  • Joniki Martinez, 24;
  • Jose Taverez, 21;
  • Diego Suero, 29; and
  • Gabriel Ramirez Concepcion, 26.

The gang has been linked repeatedly to narcotics trafficking and federal prosecutors indicted dozens of gang members in racketeering cases earlier this decade.

Members of the Trinitarios also were blamed for the June 18 attack on a 14-year-old year boy in the Bronx. Two days before Guzman-Feliz was killed, gang members chased another teen, this time onto the Bronx River Parkway median where they repeatedly beat and stabbed the boy, who underwent emergency surgery and lost a kidney. Police said that case and the killing of Guzman-Feliz are linked.

Guzman-Feliz’s mother said he’d wanted to be police detective since he was 5 years old. The slain teen was a member of the NYPD Explorers Program for youth interested in a career in law enforcement.

In an op-ed published in the New York Daily News, NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill said Guzman-Feliz’s death was “like losing a family member that we didn’t even know we had.”

PIX11 News’ Mary Murphy reports on the latest arrest, below: