BRONX, N.Y. (PIX11) — A group of Bronx veterans met with young people Friday to give their insight into how being in the military changed their lives for the better. 

The Bronx Youth Empowerment Program brought local veterans into a Richard R. Greene classroom filled with young people, aged 11-18, to tell their war stories and what they learned from serving their country. 

“It saved my life. Gave me discipline. Taught me to be a forward thinker,” Kevin Meggett, founder of Veterans Action Now, told the students. 

A U.S. Army Reservist for 15 years, JoAnn Session said her advice to young people is to “learn communication, do your homework, and keep pressing forward.” 

Antonio Codrington, a 77-year-old Korean War Veteran, added more advice “you have a vision, you know where you are going and how to get there.” 

Tom Sheppard joined the Navy at age 17 and served 22 years.  

“As a veteran, a group I existed in, it allowed me to live a life with dignity, honor, and respect,” Sheppard told PIX11 News.  

Joan Davis, born in Jamaica, entered the army at age 28 and retired after almost 33 years rising to the rank of Colonel.  

“This country adopted me, and I gave back to this country freely and if I had to do it again I would do it,” Davis said. 

Their message of courage and discipline was not lost on these young people.  

Victor Rodriguez, 17, said he wants to join the Army and eventually become a Human Resources manager.  

And on this Veterans Day weekend, if you see a vet, thank them for the service and their family.