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NEW YORK — When tragedy struck in the Bronx, it didn’t take long for Bronx-born rapper Fat Joe to hop on social media and ask for donations.

“No matter where I go in the world or what I achieve, I could never forget my community,” he said. “I had to react, but I couldn’t do it on my own.”

On Wednesday, Fat Joe hit $1 million raised, and he made a pretty hefty donation himself.

“It’s the Bronx,” he said, “I had to go hard. I donated a large amount.”

He sat down with PIX11 News’ Kori Chambers and Tamsen Fadal during the PIX11 News at 5 to discuss the effort.

“We’re just trying to help the people,” Fat Joe said. “People are homeless … they don’t know how to pay their bills, it’s cold in New York. And so our hearts pour out.”

He described himself as a “messenger” and “liaison,” using his contacts in the entertainment industry to raise both money and awareness. Fellow New Yorker and rapper Jay-Z “gave a huge amount of money” to the cause, as did DJ Khaled.

It took only a day for Fat Joe to raise the $1 million, but he said he doesn’t plan on stopping there.

“We have so much more to raise,” he told PIX11. “These people have real lifelong issues with emotional [and] mental distress.”

Fat Joe said he made sure the causes receiving the money were properly vetted as well. He partnered with the Mayor’s Fund, which will ensure that all of the money is given back to the community that needs it.

Anyone interested can donate online.