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Unemployment is high and food pantries are closing in record numbers. One organization is stepping up and helping feed thousands of families across New York City.

It’s called POTS, which stands for Part of the Solution, a nonprofit helping families with not just food, but healthcare and job placement. 

Robin Hood’s CEO Rich Buery Jr. said it’s places like POTS that catch families who fall through the cracks of the system. Buery said that’s why Robin Hood is giving POTS over a quarter-million dollars.  

Robin Hood’s latest Poverty Tracker — a survey of poverty that takes an annual snapshot by checking  in with the same 4,000 households quarter after quarter for several years — discovered the number of families receiving food from a food pantry more than doubled between 2019 and 2020. Also adversely impacted were communities of color, low-wage workers and families with young children.

Plus, 39% of New Yorkers face food hardship, including about 46% of Bronx residents.