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CLAREMONT, the Bronx —  Veteran NYPD detectives still trying to solve the double homicide of twin baby boys last November will lay the infants to rest Saturday, eleven months after the unidentified babies were found in the trash.

Lieutenant William O’Toole, commanding officer of Bronx Homicide, said his investigators will join detectives from the 44th Precinct at a brief funeral Saturday, followed by a graveside service.

“They were identical twin baby boys,” Lt. O’Toole noted.

O’Toole said it was tough to see the babies dumped in the trash, with their umbilical cords still attached. 

The superintendent of an apartment building located at College Avenue and East 172 Street made the discovery on Nov. 9, 2020 in the building’s courtyard.

The Medical Examiner found the babies died from blunt force trauma. It’s unclear whether they were thrown from the roof into the courtyard where they were discovered.

O’Toole’s squad has spent nearly a year trying to locate the mother of the babies.

“It’s kind of tough to figure out what was going through her mind,” O’Toole said. “Was it something she was forced to do?”

“You walk three blocks, you could have been at the hospital,” Lt. O’Toole said. “You could have left them at the hospital, no questions asked.”