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FORDHAM HEIGHTS, the Bronx (PIX11) — Families affected by the deadly fire in the Twin Parks North West apartment building are beginning to rebuild their lives. However, even though millions of dollars have been raised for these families, they still have not seen most of it due to government red tape. 

To help in the short term, a group of Bronx businesses raised more than $100,000 and distributed pre-paid cards Sunday at the Davidson Community Center. Individuals received $500 and families got up to $2,500. The money can go to whatever they need.

“We are here for one purpose and that is to offer the victims of the fire our support. The same support that they offer us day to day in our small businesses,” Junior Martinez of the Hoodspitality Group said.

Sue Pope lived in apartment 3B.

“It’s hard to speak about it. It’s very hard to go through it,” she said. “A lot of things that are being done for us, the families are not receiving. A lot of families that I speak to who work, who do not receive any government funding, are not being helped.”

Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson said she expects the remaining money from the Mayor’s Fund will be distributed within the next few weeks. And the assistance center at Monroe College continued to help families with housing. 

“It’s been two weeks. And I just want everyone to understand that we are working as fast as we can,” Gibson said.

Gibson said hotel rooms have also been extended to Feb. 7.