NEW YORK (PIX11) — New York would boost aid to schools, provide property tax relief and deliver bonuses to health care workers under Gov. Kathy Hochul’s $216.3 billion budget, which she outlined Tuesday.

Hochul is proposing a 3.1% increase in taxpayer spending for the 2022 proposed budget, which would run from April through March 2023.

Legislative leaders are expected to keep negotiating with Hochul to finalize the budget, which must be in place by April 1.

New Yorkers told PIX11 News they want the state budget to address everyday issues, a difference from Hochul’s big, transformational projects.

Included in her plan: Getting the homeless out of shelters, decreasing class sizes in schools and building more community centers. However, most of that education expansion — which totals $31 billion — focuses outside of the city.

Governor Hochul is addressing some of that in her wide ranging 216 billion dollar budget— including 31 billion for schools and childcare.

But most of it focused on big picture education expansion especially outside the city.

Hochul’s budget also includes middle-class income tax tax relief and small business tax credits to those battered by COVID expenses.

And today the governor’s budget director, who also served under Gov. Andrew Cuomo, conceded last years budget hiking income taxes on wealthy New Yorkers did not appear to drive them from the state, as was feared by some.

This year, Hochul is also devoting nearly $33 billion to transportation spending — covering everything from improving interchanges around John F. Kennedy International Airport to putting an end to potholes. The latter will be addressed with a $1 billion plan.

“This strategy takes us from potholes to ‘not holes,'” Hochul explained Tuesday.

The governor is also gearing many of her pandemic policies toward recovery. PIX11 News heard little, if anything, about bracing for the next COVID-19 wave.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.