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NEW YORK — Mayor Eric Adams rolled out a new subway safety plan, announced millions in new funding for public hospitals and signed an executive order to help small businesses get on their feet all in his first week in office. 

“He wants the city to essentially be an example to the rest of the country, how you can manage the pandemic but keep things moving at the same time,” Basil Smikle Jr. explained.

Smikle is the Director of Hunter College’s Public Policy program. 

The new mayor said this week he wants employees to return to their office buildings as he vowed to keep the city’s public schools open for in-person learning saying, “we’re going to do everything that we have to do to keep our schools open.”

In the coming weeks, Smikle expects Mayor Adams to focus more on public safety. 

“We’ve seen some early signs that he is going to continue the sort of tough on crime approach,” Smikle said. “The real question is can he do it in a way that’s humane?”

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