NEW YORK (PIX11) — A powerful panel in Harlem is inspiring the next generation of women by sharing their business secrets.

Melba Wilson is one of the most successful African American women in the restaurant and catering businesses. Melba’s Restaurant is a New York City landmark in the heart of Harlem.

Wilson took part in a special panel Thursday called Women On The Move, put on by JPMorgan Chase. Wilson joined several other female Black and Latina business owners to talk about their incredible successes and how other women can do it too. 

Wilson was also joined by Nichol King, affectionately known as Harlem’s Banker. She is the executive director of community banking in the Northeast region at JPMorgan Chase. Starting her banking career in 2008 at the 55 West 125th Street Harlem location, she eventually became the firm’s first-ever vice president community manager by piloting a new community-banking model at the iconic location where she started her career.

Also on the panel was Sandra Garcia, the founder and chief marketing, branding and diversity strategist of Encounter Your Potential. In 2012, she launched, an online destination for stories of Afro-Latinas sharing the same intercultural experience.

The panel also highlighted four up-and-coming female entrepreneurs: Hony BeautyByLolita JewelryScentonomy and Black N Ugly.