For 22nd Congressional District, choice between GOP’s Claudia Tenney and Democrat Anthony Brindisi whips up a contentious race

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For 22nd Congressional District, choice between GOP’s Claudia Tenney and Democrat Anthony Brindisi whips up a contentious race
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BINGHAMTON, NY —  The 22nd Congressional District has voted for Republican representatives for the last decade, but 2018 could be different.

Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney is running in lock-step with President Donald Trump’s agenda, making for a tight race with Democratic New York Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi.

PIX 11 asked Tenney if she is okay with her race being a referendum on the president, to which she quick responded: “Yes. You’re seeing record growth in the economy, unprecedented levels of unemployment, the stock market is coming back, and you’re seeing the growth. Plus, we finally have tax cuts.”

Tenney has brought the president and House Speaker Paul Ryan to the district to campaign and fund raise for her.

Brindisi has welcomed star power of his own.

Jon “Bowzer” Bauman, the lead singer of Sha Na Na, who is now an advocate for Medicare and Social Security, has campaigned on his behalf.

“People are concerned about their health care,” Brindisi said. “They’re concerned about their Social Security and Medicare and the opioid crisis. I tell people my job is to work with the president no matter who the president is.”

The campaign for the 22nd District— has been the most contentious and negative PIX 11 saw on the campaign trail— with millions in TV attack ads.

Things got particularly heated during a debate in Rome.

“I don’t even know where to begin with some of this issues with him,” Tenney quipped during the confrontation. “My opponent is not talking about the truth, he’s talked about Democratic talking points.”

“She voted for a build to take away healthcare for 40,000 people in this district,” Brindisi fired back. “You voted to raise taxes 22 times…”

Tenney then interrupted, similar to what Trump did at times during his debates with Hillary Clinton.

“False,” Tenney said.

“It’s not false you can check it yourself, and I’d love to hear your plans for Social Security and Medicare and how you’d cut it,” Brindisi said.

“If you let me cut into your time I’ll explain it,” Tenney said.

“No, it’s my time thank you though,” Brindisi said.

Tenney for Congress website.
Brindisi for Congress website.

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