NEW YORK (PIX11) — Century 21 officially announced a relaunch Tuesday with this message: “Never count out a New Yorker.”

“While the specifics of where and when are still being finalized, the plan has one goal in mind: to bring shopping joy to Century 21’s faithful local customers while introducing that very same excitement to new fans across the globe,” the company said in a press release.

The New York department store chain filed for bankruptcy in September 2020.

“The Gindis, the family behind the icon, have always held true to the foundation upon which Century 21 was built: to deliver outstanding value to consumers,” the press release continued, “following the bankruptcy, the Gindi family bought back the intellectual property of the Century 21 brand, ensuring that Century 21 Stores will continue to be a family-run business with a name synonymous with value and luxury.”

Details have not been released by the company yet. According to the press release, the brand plans to relaunch both in New York and across the country.