NEW YORK (PIX11) — Friday is National First Responders Day, a time to say thanks to all the first responders on the front lines keeping us safe. An award ceremony in Times Square honored eight heroes, including five local heroes.

First responders are trained to react to emergencies, accidents, natural disasters and acts of terrorism. Oct. 28 is a celebration of their selfless commitment to their communities and their families.

At the crossroads of the world, an award ceremony was hosted by the First Responders Children’s Foundation. Eight special awards were given out to first responders from across the country.

Five of those heroes were from New York. They included NYPD Chief Jeffrey Maddrey and DEA special agent Christian Garcia, who helped target drug traffickers distributing fentanyl, saving thousands of lives.

Detective Lt. Commander John Ryan, a 43-year veteran for the Port Authority Police Department, was honored for his service on 9/11.

Also honored was NYPD detective Erin Currie, who is in an elite unit called the Gun Violence Suppression Division, helping fight gun violence across New York City every day. Currie is from the Dominican Republic. She credits her courage and strength every day to her mom and five sisters.

Lt. Vanessa Brady with the FDNY was also honored. She has been serving for 19 years and supervises 911 emergencies. Brady is a mother of five and her husband is also with FDNY. She’s grateful to be of service to her community.

Learn more on the First Responders Children’s Foundation website.