NEW YORK (PIX11) — New York comes alive with color in the fall season. The autumn leaves create a beautiful scene but also a lot of work in Central Park.

The leaves are always on the move. They don’t just leave on their own.

Turf crews use blowers and mowers to remove and chop the leaves. They have a lot of ground to cover and uncover in Central Park. About 18,000 trees are at home on the park’s 842 acres.

Zachary Holm is the Central Park turf manager.

“Not a lot of sunlight gets through the leaves if they’re sitting on top. The grass is still growing, not as much. But this is a crucial time of year for grass,” Holm said.

Groundskeepers will close off some areas to allow the lawns to rest. The mulched leaves feed the soil and get it ready for spring.

The Central Park Conservancy works to sustainably manage the grounds and leaves.

Mulch mowing reintegrates the leaves back into the soil, which helps reduce waste and keeps Central Park’s ecosystem running organically.

Visitors appreciate all the work the goes into maintaining the park throughout the year.

The turf crew has a daily plan for mowing and mulching. Some leaves are used for composting in other parts of the park.