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NEW YORK (PIX11) — The crisis overseas in Ukraine prompted big businesses to take measures against Russia.

Energy giant Shell said it will stop buying Russian oil and natural gas and shut down its service stations in Russia. All while drivers in the United States continue to pay a high price for a gallon of gas.

According to AAA, the national average for a gallon of gas Tuesday morning was $4.17. That’s up from $3.61 a week ago. New York had the second-highest average for a gallon of regular gas at $4.26.

Experts blame the rising prices on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia is one of the world’s major oil exporters, with most of its output going to Europe and Asia.

Last year, only around 3% of U.S. imported oil came from Russia. Still, the Biden administration and the nation’s European allies are considering a formal ban on Russian oil imports. However, there are concerns a ban will further jolt inflation or even trigger a recession.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said he wants to cut financial ties against dozens of Russian-linked Lukoil gas stations. Last week, the governor signed a proclamation directing state agencies to review their authority to suspend licenses of Russian-owned businesses.

Meanwhile, in New York lawmakers are trying to pass “The New York Gas Relief Act.” The legislation would suspend the state’s gas tax until September.

Here are some expert tips on saving some money at the pump:

  • Keep up with routine inspections of your car and tires.
  • Plan ahead by avoiding peak traffic times and backtracking. 
  • Also, avoid excessive idling. Where safe to do so, shut off your engine if you will be stopped for more than a minute. 
  • And experts suggest drivers choose their gas wisely. If regular gas is recommended for your vehicle, that’s all you need, and it will save you some money.