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NEW YORK — Three feminist activists were arrested when they failed to hang a massive “vote” banner off the Manhattan Bridge Monday, on the eve of Election Day, according to another women’s political group.

NYPD officials confirm officers responded to people trying to hang a banner from the Manhattan Bridge around 6 a.m.

Responding officers stopped those attempting to hang the banner off the bridge and took them into custody, according to the NYPD.

Three arrests were made in all and charges are pending, police said.

A portion of the banner was left hanging before officials dropped it into the water and police were seen dragging it onto a NYPD boat, AIR11 footage showed.

The banner’s text was never visible, but an email forwarded to PIX11 by a women’s political group states a “group of progressive activist artists known as the Flo Kennedy Society” took credit for the incident.

The email alleges the banner “contains a simple but strong message against a bright pink background: VOTE.”

Kennedy was a political activist from New York City known for her flamboyant style and struggles for civil rights and feminist, the New York Times reports. She died in 2000.

AIR11 was over the scene: