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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Bags of garbage are a part of New York City’s streetscape, but the piles produce complaints and health concerns. Now, changes are coming to the handling and collection of trash.

On July 5, alternate side parking will resume on its regular schedule. It was reduced during the pandemic by the previous administration.

Mayor Eric Adams announced an additional $11 million in funding for the New York City Department of Sanitation this week. He also appointed Jessica Tisch as the commissioner. Tisch said many drivers didn’t move cars and many streets haven’t been regularly cleaned by mechanical brooms, which are the most effective tools for street cleaning. 

“That made a difference in cleanliness for all neighborhoods in the city,” Tisch said. 

NYC Councilmember Eric Bottcher has been prioritizing cleaner streets. “New Yorkers deserve better than what we’re experiencing now, and these efforts are a step towards achieving a city that is clean and environmentally sustainable,” said Bottcher. 

The city has also installed two containers in Times Square. The locked receptacles are storage for trash and can be accessed by sanitation workers and crews working with the Business Improvement District. A Brooklyn-based company called CITIBIN manufactures the containers. The pilot program could be expanded to other areas.