NEW YORK (PIX11) — The alligator found in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Lake over the weekend is extremely emaciated and is too weak to feed herself, zoo officials said Wednesday. 

The gator, who was brought to the Bronx Zoo for care, is being tube-fed, according to the zoo. She needs nutrients, fluids, Vitamin B, antibiotics and antifungal medication. 

“The tragedy of this situation is a reminder that wild animals do not make good pets and that responsible pet ownership means making choices that will not negatively impact an individual animal or the environment,” a zoo spokesperson said.

When she was found, the alligator was lethargic and may have been shocked by the cold, officials said. She was then brought to the Bronx Zoo, where they found she weighed just 15 pounds, zoo officials said. An alligator of her size should weigh 30-35 pounds. 

The alligator also has an approximately 4-inch-wide bathtub stopper stuck inside of her, according to the zoo. 

“The alligator is currently in too weakened a condition to attempt removal of the stopper,” a zoo official said. “We will continue to provide supportive care for her and determine next steps based on how she responds to treatment.”