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NEW YORK — A New York man allegedly helped a prisoner after he escaped a New York City Department of Correction holding facility in the Bronx, prosecutors said Tuesday.

David Mordukhaev called Roman Nikoghosyan, an alleged high-ranking member of criminal enterprise KavKaz Nation, for help, officials said. Mordukhaev allegedly used a rope to escape the prison barge and then swam away.

After Mordukhaev’s call, Nikoghosyan allegedly reached out to several others, including his own mother, for assistance in aiding Nikoghosyan, according to a detention memo.

Law enforcement apprehended Mordukhaev and took him back into custody.

Prosecutors also allege Nikoghosyan was behind “public displays of violence” in the Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach sections of Brooklyn. Nikoghosyan allegedly “used his influence to assault victims without retribution, extort victims, engage in fraud schemes, and order others to engage in criminal conduct at his direction.”