NEW YORK (PIX11) — Advocates slammed the detainment of a fruit vendor inside a subway station on Mother’s Day.

This followed when Maria Falcon was placed in handcuffs on Sunday by police officers, who walked her through the Broadway Junction subway station. The incident, which was caught on video, happened while Falcon was selling mangoes, kiwis and chocolate.

“No individual should be handcuffed and humiliated for simply selling fresh fruits to provide for their family,” a spokesperson from the NYC Street Vendor Justice Coalition said in a statement on Tuesday. “Like all mothers, Maria deserves to be treated with dignity. Like all small business owners, she deserves for her profession to be respected.”

Falcon was held for about two hours after she was handcuffed. She said police threw the items she was selling in the trash, then gave her a property voucher to reclaim her cutting board, cart and other items they confiscated.

Falcon spoke to PIX111 News on Monday, with the help of a translator.

“I’m trying to make a living,” she said. “I’m just a humble vendor … I’m trying to do things the right way.”

She told PIX11 News she has a mobile food vendor license from the City’s Department of Health, but not a required mobile food vendor permit. The waitlist to receive that permit has been closed for more than a decade.

Advocates called on Adams to modernize the vending industry so that all vendors like Falcon can obtain the necessary permits and to invest in the city’s smallest businesses.