NEW YORK (PIX11) — Public housing in New York City could get a whole lot greener in a unique way under a proposal from Mayor Eric Adams.

He’s suggested growing cannabis on top of New York City Housing Authority properties. Adams would need federal approval for the NYCHA plan to work out.

“I believe there’s a great opportunity for cannabis to be grown on NYCHA rooftops with an employment aspect of it, and using the medical cannabis aspect of it, but there’s many layers to getting it done,” he said Tuesday. “And we’re going to sit down with the federal government, the federal agency, see if there’s a possibility to get a waiver, how we can get it done.”

He’s face some real hurdles in getting it done, according to a spokesperson for Housing and Urban Development, the federal agency in charge of public housing. As of April 11, Adams had not reached out to HUD about the proposal.

“The current legal requirements prevent HUD and our Public Housing Agency partners from having the discretion to allow public housing residents to use marijuana. Marijuana is still classified by federal law as a Schedule 1 drug. It would take Congress changing the law for this to be updated,” the spokesperson said when asked about the rooftop plan.

While marijuana has been legalized in New York, it has not legalized federally. The House recently voted to decriminalize marijuana, but the bill is expected to fail in the Senate.

New York recently approved dozens of licenses for farmers to begin growing marijuana. Legal sales of recreational marijuana could begin by the end of 2022.