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NEW YORK (PIX11) — As an alleged gunman unleashed smoke bombs and bullets on a crowded train, a conductor and driver jumped into action and evacuated passengers.

Ten people were shot and many others were hurt by shrapnel and smoke inhalation. As the wounded passengers limped to the subway platform, several knelt to assist the injured. One took off a shirt to create a tourniquet for someone shot in the leg.

Police launched a citywide manhunt. Five people shared vital tips with police that eventually helped them take suspected shooter Frank R. James into custody. He’s since been charged on a federal terrorism charge.

Officials have not identified the five people who shared critical information with police, but they said a $50,000 reward would be split between the individuals. NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said the public “stepped up” to help.

Mayor Eric Adams on Wednesday planned to honor civilians and police officers for their efforts during and after the shooting. He’s set to be joined by Sewell and other police executives. Video will be streamed live above.

Below are some stories of heroism:

David Artis and Raven Haynes: Artis and Haynes, the train’s driver and conductor, made a few minutes of lightning-quick decisions. They radioed in the attack, threw open the train doors and evacuated all of the passengers to another train on the same platform, then began getting aid to the wounded.

Zack Tahhan and Mo Cheikh: Tahhan and Cheikh, cousins for New Jersey, headed into New York for work after the subway attack. The pair say they spotted James walking in the East Village and warned other pedestrians not to approach him. That’s when they say they spotted police, flagged them down and pointed them toward James. Tahhan said they flagged down police and pointed the officers toward James.