NEW YORK (PIX11) — The number of homicides and shootings fell during Eric Adam’s first year in office, he said during a press conference at 1 Police Plaza Thursday. 

Adams, a former police officer, ran as a man committed to tackling crime. Shootings in 2021 were at a 15-year high, officials said.

“Shootings are down, homicides are down, burglaries are down, hate crimes are down, this team is trending in the right direction,” the mayor said. 

Shooting incidents across the city in December of 2022 were 29% lower than they were in December 2021, according to NYPD statistics. NYPD brass attributed much of the improved safety on precision policing, a focus on taking known violent offenders off the streets. 

The city is still struggling to address crime on buses and subways, Acting Chief of Transit Michael Kemper said.

“We ended the year with a 29.6% increase in crime versus last year,” Kemper said.

Thursday evening, Mayor Adams will attend a public safety summit convened by Reverend Al Sharpton. He’ll sit down with Attorney General Letitia James, state lawmakers and several of the city’s district attorneys. 

“I think the victory will be to get them in the room and begin setting the basis of how we can work on the things that we do agree,” Reverend Sharpton told PIX11 News.