NEW YORK (PIX 11) — Mayor Eric Adams and his administration’s new gun violence prevention czar detailed their plan Thursday to stem the tide of shootings in New York City.

Adams, who testified Wednesday at a congressional hearing on tighter gun legislation, told PIX11 Morning News that commonsense laws are needed to “dam every river that feeds the sea of violence.”

The mayor was joined on Thursday by his newly appointed gun violence prevention czar, Andre T. Mitchell, who told PIX11 that he will work to curb shootings through outreach at the community level.

Mitchell, the founder of Brooklyn anti-violence group Man Up, said that it was “extremely critical” to fix the “problem at the core” by setting at-risk youths on the right path from a young age.

Adams also called for fixes by lawmakers and the justice system, including faster trials, a re-examination of existing laws, and a greater willingness by judges to remand or set high bail for alleged criminals.