SUNSET PARK, Brooklyn (PIX11) — More than 5,800 new asylum seekers arrived in New York City last week, according to Mayor Eric Adams.

Adams joined Gov. Kathy Hochul Monday in Sunset Park to stress that even though border crossings have slowed in the last week and a half, New York City is still bearing the brunt of the country’s migrant crisis.

Adams and Hochul came together in one voice to implore President Joe Biden to take executive action to allow asylum seekers to work.

Expedited work permits could allow the more than 42,000 asylum seekers still being cared for by New York City to pay for their own food and shelter and benefit the state’s economy.

“We have this historic labor shortage, and we have this historic influx of individuals coming to New York all legally seeking asylum,” Hochul said. “They’re eager to work. They’re looking for work. They came here to work.”

The governor said there are thousands of farm, cleaning and hospitality and food service jobs available.

The press conference was held at the Union Square Events test kitchen and training center to try and underscore the support from business and labor groups for the work permits.

“This industry wants to provide a solution to this crisis,” said Danny Meyer, founder of Union Square Hospitality Group. “We commit to providing job training to those who want to work. As a business, and as an industry, we want to do this right now.”

Under the current system, asylum seekers cannot even begin to think about legal work until 180 days after they have completed their application.

The governor has been pressing resistant suburban communities to chip in and help New York City bear the load.

“Join us, let people know the true story of what New York is,” Hochul said.