BROOKLYN, N.Y. (PIX11) — As beautiful as the sights are along the Brooklyn Promenade, there’s a darker side to the underside of the structure and roadbeds.

Two years ago, the previous administration began a public process to consider designs for a new structure for the area known as the cantilever. It travels from the Brooklyn Bridge to Atlantic Avenue and was opened in 1954. Parts are crumbling and patched areas are visible along the drive.

Councilmember Lincoln Restler represents the Brooklyn neighborhood. “We need urgency from the DOT to get it fixed. What we heard at the budget hearing is they’ve taken almost all of the money and kicked the can down the road,” he said.

Spending for the project this year went from a quarter billion dollars to $44 million. Department of Transportation officials said there is no issue related to safety and the move puts nothing at risk. They can shift it back as needed and budget it in later years.

Current repair contacts are funded to presence the stretch. It has a 20-year timeline. Larger design plans are not finalized.

“We need automated sensors today,” said Restler.

Carlo Scissura chaired the city panel for the project before the pandemic. “We want to build a brand new road that will do the right thing for New York,” he said.

Last August, the stretch was reconfigured down to two lanes to reduce the weight. There have been truck checkpoints.