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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Tens of thousands of abortion rights activists came together in New York City to march on Saturday. They come with a message for the Supreme Court. 

“We are not going to back down; we’re going to stay in the streets to protect abortion rights,” Chantelle Piper from Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights said.

Planned Parenthood of Greater New York hosted the rally, which started at Cadman Plaza and continued across the Brooklyn Bridge and to Foley Square. 

“Some people will donate to local abortion funds, someone wants to be out in the streets yelling, and other people will want to be on the frontlines escorting patients into our health centers with dignity,” Nicole Margiasso from Planned Parenthood said.

The day of action serves as a response to the Supreme Court’s leaked draft decision, which would overturn a woman’s right to an abortion pending a final ruling. 

The protesters are hoping the justices are listening.

“Even though we do not vote them in, I do think they pay attention to the temperature of the country and the majority of the country is in support of the right to choose,” Margiasso said.

About two dozen states would be affected should Roe v. Wade be officially overturned. New York and New Jersey would not and are considered safe-havens. Saturday’s action, however, is for women elsewhere. 

“Without these basic rights, women cannot be free,” Piper said. “Any civilized country knows women need access to safe and legal abortions.”