MIDTOWN MANHATTAN (PIX11) — At locations across the world, including in the tri-state area, people watched the new British monarch, King Charles III, give his first address as king on Friday afternoon. He made very clear, in glowing words for his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, how strong his affection was for her, and how people across the globe share it. Those feelings were evident among many people in our region, and hundreds of them expressed them at two locations in New York in particular that are closely associated with the British crown.

At the Queen Elizabeth II Gardens in the Financial District, a steady stream of people came, each quietly pausing at the portrait of Queen Elizabeth that has been posted there during this time of mourning.

Lori Nite was among the many who visited on Friday. “I thought it would be nice to come down here, since I’m here, and just have a minute,” she said.

The garden opened in 2005, but the queen herself dedicated it five years later, in one of her three official visits to New York. All day on Friday, many locals, like New Jersey resident Dori Patrick, came to say how much they appreciated her and love her.

“She has been an inspiration to every woman on this planet with her grace, her power and her dignity,” Patrick said. “She deserves the respect.”

The garden is dedicated to 9/11 victims from the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. It’s the group of more than 50 countries or territories worldwide over which the queen was head of state, or which chose to be affiliated with the United Kingdom.

At its consulate and mission to the United Nations in Midtown, a memorial grew all day, and people came to sign the official condolence book. Leading the line was Mayor Eric Adams.

After signing and meeting with the British consul general, he described Queen Elizabeth as “a dignified leader during these turbulent times.”

The condolence book is open to the public to sign in person at the British consulate and mission to the United Nations, Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

At any other time, anyone can express their condolences in a message at the Royal Family’s website.