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BROOKLYN — An accuser testified about an unwanted sexual encounter she had with singer R. Kelly in a Long Island hotel room during the ninth day of testimony in his sex trafficking trial.

The woman, who testified using the name “Faith” said she met R. Kelly in 2017, backstage after one of his concerts in San Antonio, Texas. 

During their nearly year-long relationship, Faith said she got to see “a compassionate side to him” but also said “there were times when he would flip and become “super-sexual, hyper.”

Two months into their relationship, Kelly flew Faith to Long Island for a concert in Westbury. 

At a hotel nearby, the accuser said Kelly initiated sex after she told him she wasn’t ready.

She also testified they had unprotected sex and Kelly did not disclose that he had herpes.

Prosecutors also called one of the singer’s former assistants to the witness stand.

Suzette Mayweather said there was an occasion where Kelly had his girlfriends physically fight each other as punishment after he did not like the way they danced at a party.