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NEW YORK — On New York City’s darkest day, Sal Esposito didn’t hesitate.

He rushed to the World Trade Center to help search for survivors.

“I’d do it again,” said Esposito. “I’d do it again tomorrow, the way I am right now”

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He spent months down at Ground Zero.

“Almost three weeks before I got home and take a shower,” he said. “Sometimes slept on a pile.”

His brother Joe, an FDNY firefighter also responded. So did another one of his brothers, firefighter Mike Esposito of Squad 1. He died inside of Tower 1 when it collapsed. His cousin Frankie Esposito, another firefighter, also died on 9/11.

“Our family has always paid it forward and we’re hoping it will come back for my brother,” said Joe Esposito.

Sal is fighting for his life. His kidneys are failing and he spends three and a half hours, three days a week, getting dialysis.

At times, he suffers panic attacks during the medical procedure.

“[It’s] hard for me to breathe and I get the shakes,” he said.

He’s currently on a waiting list for a cadaver kidney donor, which can take seven to 10 years, but a living kidney donor could save his life now.

Sal never got married or had kids, but he stepped up to help raise his brother’s two teenage boys following 9/11. They’re now firefighters themselves.

He and his family are now praying for a miracle.

“If you could find it in your heart to help me get a kidney, I’ll get my life back,” he said.