NEW YORK (PIX11) — New York City officials said they are seeing even more of a migrant surge in recent days.

They announced around 600 people per day have arrived over the last week, and one of the new giant tent encampments set up in Queens is already approaching capacity.

Overall, nearly 102,000 migrants have asked for city shelter during the last year or so. The city is still directly caring for 59,000.

Officials are scrambling to find hotels for families, and most single adults are being sent to the new large tent encampments on Randall’s Island and at Creedmoor, which opened within the last two weeks and is almost full.

“By the end of the day, we expect to have about 900 people at Creedmoor. It has a capacity of 1,000,” said Emergency Management Commissioner Zach Iscol.

Hopes for the next big tent encampment on the federal land of Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn are very much in flux.

The Chief of Staff for Mayor Eric Adams said final details of the contract are still being worked out, and despite the Governor announcing Monday, an agreement was reached. The city is looking for even more capacity at the site and evaluating flooding concerns in some parts of the field.

“Right now, the leased capacity is for around 2,000 people,” said Camille Varlack. “We have made it clear that it should be more along the lines of 7,500.”

The search for emergency housing is touching every part of the city.

PIX11 caught up with Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, having just toured one of the smaller emergency migrant shelters at the community center in Sunset Park.

He said there is room for improvement at this and other shelters, but without more federal government support, “the city is now in a situation where it has to make the best of very bad decisions.”

PIX11 also confirmed that to relieve the pressure on the shelter system St. John Villa Academy on Staten Island, a vacant and under-construction school, will be turned into an emergency shelter for at least a short period.

Speaking Tuesday, Adams continued to hammer the Biden Administration for not speeding up processing work permits.

He spoke from Israel, where he said he is seeing refugees from Ethiopia integrate and make a positive impact.