NEW YORK (PIX11) — It’s been called the “rat race” for a reason; working five days a week to scramble to make a living and build a career. Most of us barely have enough time to enjoy the fruits of our labor and personal responsibilities.

A new study might go a long way to accelerate a trend already underway: the four-day workweek. The study followed almost 300 workers from 61 companies in the United Kingdom from June to December last year. It found that a four-day workweek significantly increased job satisfaction. It also improved work/life balance and reduced employee stress.

On the company side, the results showed improved production quality, customer service, and reduced absences and sick days.

About 40% of employers in the United States are either actively testing a four-day workweek option or are planning to in the year ahead.

In the latest study, a whopping 92% of the companies who experimented with a four-day workweek plan on continuing with it. Almost a third of the companies have declared the change permanent. In total, 71% of employees reported less burnout and better mental and physical health.