NEW YORK (PIX11) — An entire NYCHA development — some 300,000 people — in the Bronx now has free high-speed internet and basic cable thanks to a new city program.

Mayor Eric Adams visited the development in the Bronx on Thursday morning to deliver the good news.

The tenant president at the Bronx River Houses, Norma Saunders, said broadband should no longer be a luxury for NYCHA residents but a necessity for all.

The 10 buildings at her development are just the tip of the iceberg: 202 NYCHA developments are now connected for free. Saunders delivered the good news to her neighbors. 

The program is called Big Apple Connect. It gives them access to free high-speed internet and cable TV. 

New York City has three-year agreements with Optimum and Spectrum, which will cover most of NYCHA.

For 68-year-old Virginia Rivera, her bill just went down from $145 to $15 a month for her phone line. 

NYCHA residents with Optimum or Spectrum will be automatically enrolled in Big Apple Connect and will only be billed for additional services they purchase directly. Residents without existing services can sign up directly through Spectrum or Optimum.

There is an interactive map online to see if your development is eligible. In addition, information about current and future eligible NYCHA sites will be available on OTI’s Big Apple Connect website.