NEW YORK (PIX11) – This week marked 20 years of 311 calls in New York City.

To celebrate the anniversary, Mayor Eric Adams posted a video reading some of the most outrageous calls the agency has gotten over the years. Here are some of the calls the mayor highlighted:

  • “Can I claim my dog as a dependent on my taxes?”
  • “Can you check if my boyfriend is married?”
  • “Is there a law limiting how many times you can flush the toilet?”
  • “I’d like to report a ghost in my window.”
  • “Can someone spray the trees so the leaves stop falling?”
  • “Can you transfer me to a UFO-ologist?
  • “I’d like to report my neighbor for waving to everyone on the block,” to which Adams noted: “That’s a real New Yorker.”

In the past two decades, 311 operators have answered more than 525 million calls.