NEW YORK (PIX11) – Heart surgery is a delicate procedure that often requires a lengthy recovery. But an innovative technique being utilized by a cardiac surgeon at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital in Westchester County is working wonders for his young patients, including a toddler with whom he reunited months after he performed surgery on her heart.

It was a heartwarming reunion for 2-year-old Aria Bozzo and Dr. Sameh Said, six months after he closed a hole in the toddler’s heart.

Clutching her stuffed animal, Aria was none the worse for her ordeal, a surgery to correct a birth defect her parents noticed just before her second birthday.

“We noticed small things, a little bit out of breath and a little sluggish, and after surgery you can tell she’s on a much better path,” said Aria’s father, Nicolas.

The hole in her heart was not closing and surgery was needed. Dr. Said used a minimally invasive approach, one in which he said he didn’t have to cut any muscles or break any ribs.

A hospital animation demonstrated how the surgeon was able to reach the heart by making a small incision beneath Aria’s right arm.

“The surgery went really well and she had a speedy recovery. She was back to herself within a few days,” said the girl’s mother Kayleigh.

Aria’s piercing eyes and smile certainly signaled that she is fine, and they served as a heartwarming thanks to the doctor who added many years to her young life.

“It’s amazing that you feel like you’ve done something and made a difference in somebody’s life, a family’s life,” said a delighted Dr. Said.

Dr. Said has made a difference in many lives. He specializes in the repair of heart defects in children. He proudly claims that he’s performed 100 heart surgeries in less than a year, all with positive results.