NEW YORK (AP) — Two corrections officers have been accused of accepting bribes and smuggling contraband including cell phones into New York City’s Rikers Island jail complex.

The guards were arrested along with four other people in connection to two separate schemes, according to criminal complaints unsealed Tuesday.

In one alleged plot, 31-year-old Katrina Patterson is accused of accepting more than $34,000 to bring drugs and cell phones inside of the complex’s facilities. In the other allegation, 35-year-old Krystle Burrell is accused of smuggling in cell phones to another facility, with an inmate accused of arranging for almost $10,000 in bribes.

“As alleged, Burrell and Patterson, both New York City Correctional Officers, brought shame and disgrace to New York’s Boldest by putting the safety of fellow officers and inmates at risk by conspiring to introduce contraband at Rikers Island Correctional Facilities on behalf of known Bloods Gang members,” said HSI New York Acting Special Agent in Charge Patel. “The details in the complaint allege that both officers brazenly betrayed their oath to act with integrity and professionalism to create a safe environment in correctional facilities – their actions tarnish the great reputation of the men and women who put on the uniform of a New York City Correction Officer and risk their lives on a daily basis.”

An email was sent to Patterson’s attorney seeking comment. Burrell’s attorney declined to make any statement.