NEW YORK (PIX11) — Finding a public restroom can be a challenge for tourists and residents of New York City.

The appearance of two public portable toilets by the Brooklyn Bridge is causing a stir. They are located on the Manhattan side of the bridge by the entrance right off the road. 

Hand sanitizer is complimentary. There’s a bucket for donations. Payment was not being required for use.

“I’d say it’s crazy. The fact that you can’t use a restroom or find one. Very glad it was here, especially after 30-minute walk,” said Connor, a tourist from Colorado.

They belong to a company called Uncle John. An employee on site at the bridge said to call the office in Borough Park, Brooklyn.

A corporate representative says the city is aware of the new facilities and the company is working to make them official. They are being monitored, cleaned and regularly emptied.

NYC Parks has not issued any kind of permit, and sources say the company has been asked to move them.

A food vendor told PIX11 News the apparently unauthorized portable toilets arrived earlier in the week.

As night fell, the company employee locked them and turned them to face the fence in order to prevent access.

NYC Parks maintains 680 restroom facilities in the five boroughs.

The City Council has taken up the issue of public facilities. A proposal before council would locate at least one public bathroom in each zip code.