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NEW YORK — The Fire Department of New York celebrated the graduation 301 men and women from the Fire Academy Tuesday.

Thirteen of the graduates have a special connection to the department. They are the children of firefighters who died in the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

“They are continuing their family’s legacies of service,” noted FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro.

Carl Asaro of Midtown’s Batallion 9 left behind six children at the time of his death at the World Trade Center. His son Marc and daughter Rebecca followed in his final footsteps walking across the stage to become probationary firefighters.

Robert Tilearico Jr. was also among the graduates. His dad, firefighter Robert Tilearico Sr., survived September 11th only to be diagnosed with 9/11 related brain cancer years later.

“I took the FDNY test the same month my dad passed away from 9/11 related cancer,” Tilearico Jr. said.

The class also includes the son of an NYPD officer killed on September 11th.