NEW YORK (PIX11) — Fall is here and that means apples are ready for picking.

Here are some of the best places to go and pick apples:

New York:

Apple Dave’s Orchards – Expect macintosh, cortland, empire, honeycrisp and jonamac in September at this Warwick orchard. Come October, the orchard will have jonagold, fuji, gala, golden delicious, macoun, red delicious and rome apples. Admission is $5 a person for those over the age of 5. Visitors need to purchase a picking bag: $1 for a peck bag or $2 for a half bushel bag. A full peck bag costs $18 and a half-bushel bag costs $34.

Apple Ridge Orchards – Head to Warwick for a range of apple varieties. Expect gala, macintosh, honeycrisp, cortland and daybreak fuji from early to mid September; empire, liberty, macoun, crimson crisp and autumn crisp from mid to late September; jonagold, red delicious and ida reds from late September to early October; and golden delicious, mutsu/crispin, winesap, evercrisp, fuji and gold rush from mid to late October. In addition to the orchard, there’s also a petting zoo. General admission is $3 a person and it’s $34 for each ½ bushel of apples. 

Fishkill Farms – This Hopewell Junction orchard is reservation only. Reservations include admission for five people ages 2 and up. Anyone beyond that group of five will be charged $5 per person. Hayrides are included in reservations. Visitors are asked not to eat fruit in the fields, but to instead bring apples home and wash them first. Picking containers are supplied by the farm.

Lewin Farms – This Calverton orchard also has pumpkins and a corn maze. Later in the year, there are Christmas trees for sale. 

Maskers – Visitors to this Warwick farm can get prime reds and macintosh apples in the first week of September. Later in the month there will be granny smith and cortland apples, then empire, jonagold and mccowan apples. In late September, expect red delicious and sparta macintosh apples. There will be ida reds, romes, mutsu, golden delicious, smoothies and surprise apples in October. Admission and parking are free. It costs $33.95 for a half bushel of apples. 

Stuart’s Fruit Farm – This farm is about an hour outside of New York City. In September, there are macintosh, jonamac, cortland, macoun and gala apples. In October, there are empire, northern spy, red delicious, golden delicious, jonagold, winesap, fuji, ida red, mutsu, cameo, sun crisps, nitany’s and braeburn apples. Pumpkins and hay rides are also available. There’s free parking and no orchard fee. Visitors need to use Stuart’s farm bags for apple picking at the Granite Springs orchard. 

Wilkens Fruit and Fir Farm – Visitors to the Yorktown Heights farm can pick their own apples and pumpkins Wednesdays-Mondays each week between 10 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Christmas trees are also available later in the year. Apples are best at the orchard in September. The orchard has gala, mcintosh, cortland, baldwin, golden delicious, red delicious, jonamac, empire, winesap, fuji, ida red, gravenstein, rhode island greening, wolf river, macoun and northern spy apples. Prices vary depending on weather and apple variety. There is no admission or parking fee, but there is a ¼ bushel minimum of apples for every 1-2 people entering the orchard. 

New Jersey:

Alstede Farms – This orchard has dozens of varieties of apples. The site includes a calendar of expected dates for ripening for each type. Visitors can also pick potatoes and pumpkins in the fall. Once you get to the farm, you can buy a Pick Your Own Entry Ticket that includes a specific size container for whatever you’re interested in harvesting. Entry also includes access to a corn maze and the Blooming Giants Sunflower Trail.

Terhune Orchards – People can head to Princeton, NJ to visit this Orchard. There are gourds and pumpkins, in addition to the apples. Visitors can expect honeycrisp, early fuji, gala, jonathan, empire and crimson crisp in September. Come October, there will be red delicious, stayman winesap, cameo, granny smith pink lady, fuji and macoun apples. Guests ages 4 and up purchase bags at check in.

Wightman’s Farms – Apple picking is only on Saturdays and Sundays from 9-5 at this New Jersey orchard. Visitors can get access to the orchard with the All Access Farm Pass.