MIDTOWN, Manhattan (PIX11) —  For many bars and restaurants along the New York City Marathon route, this is their biggest day of the year. Because many are still recovering from the pandemic, everyone was delighted with the fabulous weather.

It was wall-to-wall people at the Sutton Bar Room on First Avenue and 59th Street.

This bar and restaurant’s biggest day of the year each year is NYC Marathon Sunday, partly because of its location right where runners come off the 59th Street bridge with ten miles to go.

The beer flowed so steadily, with business up by more than 50%, compared to the usual Sunday.

“It’s a little bit of everything,” Damian Gallagher, a bartender, told PIX11 News. “It’s loyal customers, location, and we do a pretty good job of keeping g everyone happy.”

Brian Winters, who had just completed his marathon run, agreed.

“This is so crowded, and everyone looks happy,” he added.

The business was also booming at the Blue and Gold Deli across First Avenue.

Water sales were through the roof all day, and overall purchases were up 40% percent on marathon Sunday, according to a worker. 

“It has been very, very busy,” Albert Maawd, a deli worker, told PIX11 News.

In 2014, the marathon pumped $415 million into the city’s economy.

In 2019, $427 million, and now some restaurant owners say they may be surpassing the pre-pandemic levels.

“It was a wonderful full lunchtime crowd. All very crowd,” Giuseppe Pezzullo, the owner of Coco Pazzaria, told PIX11 News.

At Coco Pizzeria, it’s also the biggest day of the year.

And one marathon winner, Dr. Moe Byrne, raised $4,000 for Fred’s Team Team Ovary.

As she was celebrating with family, the Memorial Sloan Kettering doctor stressed that Marathon Sunday is not only good for New York City businesses but also for nonprofits raising money for cancer research.

“We raised money for ovarian cancer,” Dr. Byrne, a marathon runner, told PIX11 News. “The money will help our patients with early detection, surgeries and better outcomes in life.”

This year’s marathon runners are expected to raise more than $55 million for charities.