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HILLSIDE, N.J. (PIX11) — The suspect remains on the loose, while a neighborhood remains on edge and a Kean University student is laying in a hospital bed.

He didn’t want to give his name, but one Hillside, New Jersey man lives close enough that he could hear the gunshots early Friday morning, when an alleged gunman opened fire into a crowd of college kids, outside a frat house.

It didn’t happen on Kean’s campus, but this horrible shooting happened, according to police, in a residential neighborhood right outside a frat house.

An 18-year-old Kean University  student was shot when the gunman opened fire. According to police, the alleged cause of the shooting is mind boggling.

Someone bumping into a frat brother is what sparked the shooting, according to police.

“This was a person I believe who was not familiar to any of the frat brothers,” said Rufino.

“Apparently, someone bumped into somebody else. This is what started it,” said Hillside Detective Lou Rufino.

The house on Conant Street has been closed by the fire Marshall. The aftermath of the pandemonium that happened here can still be seen in front of the home.

A witness described the getaway car as a late model tan or gold sedan. Police are hoping someone knew this man, and that someone will come forward.

Hillside, New Jersey police asking anyone with information to come forward.

Police have not revealed the identity of the Kean student who was shot, but police told PIX11 News that his is in stable condition at a Newark, NJ hospital.

He was shot in the stomach, and his family is by his side.