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THE BRONX — Leandra Feliz had already seen enough.

So before a jury was shown the infamous surveillance footage of her 15-year-old son “Junior” being dragged from a Bronx bodega to his brutal death, she left the courtroom.

Leandra Feliz leaned against a wall in a court vestibule, while various camera angles of the disturbing surveillance was played for the jury of 11 women and one man.

Television and social media viewers have seen it countless times.

It shows a desperate Lesandro “Junior” Guzman Feliz sprinting into the Cruz & Chiky bodega shortly after 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 20, 2018.

He jumps over the counter and startles the owner.

Seconds later, suspects identified as Kevin Alvarez and Michael Sosa Reyes storm into the store, along with several others, demanding Junior be released to them.

They falsely claimed that Junior had robbed one of their grandmothers.

In less than two minutes, Junior was being dragged out the front door — after failing to grab on to an ATM machine and the door jam.

A deadly fate — vicious slashings by multiple men — waited for him on the sidewalk on the corner of East 183 Street and Bathgate Avenue.

PIX11 News had already seen more than a dozen camera angles of the bodega footage, but one we hadn’t reviewed before was played in court for the first time.

It was a fairly close image of a mortally wounded Junior slumping over the bodega counter, when he stumbled into the bodega a second time, after he was stabbed by the mob.

You can almost see the life draining out of his face, but no blood was visible from this vantage point, taken from Camera 13 in the bodega.

It seemed like within a second he was directed away from the counter.

The dying teen managed to walk a block to Third Avenue, where St. Barnabas Hospital is located.

He collapsed in front of the hospital security booth before bleeding to death.

A knife with a 4 1/2-inch blade had sliced his jugular vein.

Junior’s father remained in the courtroom to watch the footage from the bodega.

He and Junior’s mother were later escorted out of the courthouse at the end of Thursday’s session, surrounded by state court officers and police detectives.

When asked why she hadn’t stayed in court to watch the surveillance, Junior’s mother said, “It’s torture. It’s too much.”