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SYRACUSE, N.Y. – A judge has sided with the mother and father of a 30-year-old man who refused to move out of his parents’ upstate New York home.

Mark and Christina Rotondo wanted their son Michael out of their home in Camillus.

But he refused and a legal battle made its way to New York’s highest court, where State Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood told Michael on Tuesday that he would have to move out.

The story went viral after first reported on it last week.

The article featured a series of letters the Rotondos gave their son, starting with one on Feb. 2  giving him 14 days to move out.

Letters given to him after that include everything from a formal eviction notice to money ($1,100 to help him find a new place), advice (“There are jobs available even for those with a poor work history like you. Get one.”), and strongly-worded suggestions that he sell his things (“especially … any weapons you may have”) to raise funds.

The Rotondos went to the town court in April after Michael stayed put, then found out only a state Supreme Court justice could remove a family member.

During Tuesday’s hearing, which called “surreal,” Michael Rotondo argued with the judge for 30 minutes. He insisted he was legally entitled to six months’ notice before having to move out.

The judge said that’s not true, pointing to an appellate court decision ruling, and asked the parents’ lawyer to come up with an eviction order that Greenwood could sign. He also asked adult protective services to investigate the case.

Outside the courthouse, Michael Rotondo, who moved back home eight years ago after losing a job, told reporters he would appeal the decision. He said he doesn’t speak to his parents but that he is not ready to move out.

According to court filings cited by ABC 7 Chicago, his parents said he does not contribute to household expenses or do chores.

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