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City Hall, Lower Manhattan (PIX 11) — It was both a pep rally and a news conference as City Comptroller John Liu announced he was running for mayor.

“One for all, John Liu,” Liu supporters shouted.

There was an overflow crowd of supporters. Close to one thousand people weren’t allowed onto the steps of City Hall, so the Taiwanese born and Queens raised comptroller made the announcement twice.

“I, as a son of immigrant, a product of public schools, who left the private sector for public service, proudly announce that I am running to be mayor if our great city of New York.”

With his former campaign treasurer and a contributor going on trial next month on federal charges of using straw donors to make illegal donations, John Liu said some people were just out to get him.

“This investigation has gone on for four years,” Liu told reporters. “It is time to put up or shut up.”

The latest polls put John Liu in fourth place among registered Democrats, but political consultants say he’s still a force.

“He’s been running for mayor ever since he became city comptroller,” political consultant Brad Gerstman told PIX 11. “He’s been running around town, kissing babies and he has a cult like following.”