WASHINGTON, D.C. (PIX11) — The select committee investigating the Capitol attack on Jan. 6, 2021 used never-before-seen video and testimony from those closest to former President Donald Trump, including some of the rioters themselves, to sum up the attack for Americans.

The committee said Trump urged them to do it. Republicans shot back saying it’s a waste of time and money five months before the midterm elections.

The bipartisan select committee played a montage from January 6 rioters, who were interviewed under oath, testifying they were following orders of then-president Trump to storm the capital. 

While the work being presented is not a criminal proceeding, it’s meant to lay out details of what is believed to have been a wide-reaching conspiracy to overturn a presidential election. The select committee said the attack was not spontaneous but the result of a plan months in the making by Trump and a close group of his advisors. The committee added that Trump himself was going to let former Vice President Mike Pence suffer the consequences, as rioters threatened to hang him. 

“The president responded with this sentiment, ‘Maybe our supporters have the right idea. Mike Pence ‘deserves it,’’” Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney said.

Other Republican officials shared their sentiments.

“Let’s be very clear. The violence at the Capitol that day was wrong, and we have repeatedly denounced it. But, keeping the Capitol safe is not the point of Pelosi’s illegitimate select committee,” California Rep. Kevin McCarthy said.

The committee’s 11-month investigation also showed lies about the “election being stolen,” which were denied by Trump’s own attorney general.