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The body of a 20-year-old Ivy League track star has been found in the Hudson River. Timothy Hamlett had been missing since December. His family said he left their Teaneck home the day after Christmas and never returned.

In the meantime, a multi-state search has been ongoing and his mother has spoken out about her concerns that Hamlett was addicted to male enhancement supplements. Katherine Hamlett told the Daily Beast in February that her son had begun buying a laundry list of male supplements off of Amazon and eBay.

“These products have stimulants in them, very similar to amphetamines or cocaine. And somebody can get very addicted to those,” said Dr. Petros Levounis, Psychiatry Chair of Rutgers Medical School.

The Food and Drug Administration has issued over 100 notices and recalls for sex enhancement products since 2008, after many were found to contain hidden drugs.

One of the supplements Hamlett said her son had purchased was Vitalikor. The FDA warned in 2013 that they found 2 ingredients in the pills that were not listed on the side of the bottle. Officials raised a red flag that the hidden drugs could lower a man’s blood pressure to dangerous levels.

Dr. Levounis calls what’s happening in a lot of sex stimulant laboratories uncharted territory.

“This is the wild, wild west of pharmacology. Where people just take a little of everything,” he said, “and they put them together and they sell them to primarily young people and they can be quite dangerous.”

The company that makes Vitalikor did voluntarily recall their product after the FDA found the hidden drugs. The sex supplement is still for sale. On eBay, some sellers don’t provide the lot number, which is the information you need to know whether or not the pills being sold are a recalled version of the product.

A phone number on the company’s website and on the recall notice is out of service. eBay did not return a request for comment.