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Anyone looking for work in recent months knows how competitive it can be.

But one company has taken the traditional “job search” to a new level, helping businesses connect with employees within minutes.

John Strand was living the life in Thailand as a regional director for service learning and international education programs for American teenagers. But early last year, he decided to move home to pursue other opportunities he had been presented at a couple universities. Due to Covid-19, the positions were put on hold.

Strand soon found himself out of work and quarantining with his parents in Connecticut. With no luck getting employed, he stumbled upon GigSmart, which is a platform that connects employers with workers looking for opportunities.

Candidates apply online or through the app and are connected to employers immediately.

And that’s just what Strand did, and within a day, he had landed a job.

“After temping a few days, the next week a manager called me and hired me directly.”

The COO, Mitch Catino, sayid that’s a perfect example of how their company works.

“Our goal was to be a path to full time employment,” he said.

GigSmart, which started in 2018, is now connecting employers with job seekers in all 50 states.

And although GigSmart started before the pandemic, its number of gigs has increased 460% since March, helping people and industries hit hardest this year.

Strand said the company helped change his life.

“The best thing I can say about GigSmart is that they have given me an opportunity to improve my position and situation both financially and in terms of quality of life.”

If you want to check out jobs or sign up as an employer head to or download the app.